Re-starting at the beginning

I’ve been agonizing over the best way to re-start my blog. Losing the archives, even after an extended period of inactivity, was draining and frustrating. And I’m no longer interested in pontificating about public relations. There are many more interesting things in the world, and I don’t always share the things I enjoy. The 25th anniversary of HyperCard is a suitable milestone to mark a new beginning for this blog, because it was HyperCard that ignited my passion for media technology. Within minutes of sitting down in front of a Mac SE/30 for the first time, I was creating something. (Something embarrassingly horrible, I’m sure, but I was creating nonetheless. And coding.

Not only that, but HyperCard included a scripting language called “Hyper Talk” that a non-programmer like myself could easily learn. It allowed developers to insert commands like “go to” or “play sound” or “dissolve” into the components of a HyperCard array.

I miss HyperCard. It was a great way to start.