GooglePlus is a ghost town.

Edward Morbius has estimated the publicly visible activity on GooglePlus. The findings are grim.

  • There are about 2.2 billion G+ profiles total.

  • Of these, about 9% have any publicly-posted content.

  • Of those, about 37% have as their most recent activity a YouTube comment, another 8% profile photo changes (45% of all “active” profiles).

  • Only 6% of profiles which have ever been publicly active have any post activity in 2015 (18 days so far).

  • Only around half of those, 3% of active profiles, are not YouTube comments.

  • That is, 0.3% of all G+ profiles, about 6.6 million users, have made public G+ post in 2015. That’s ~367,000 users posting daily if each posts only once (the actual post frequency will vary somewhat).

There’s a delicious irony in posting about the subject on Ello. read the full post for methodology and more observations.