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Those are some serious swashes.

Saul Bass’ best film title design work


Saul Bass designed the opening sequences for dozens of films, including North by Northwest, Psycho, West Side Story, and Goodfellas. Here’s a look at some of his best work:

(via art of the title)


Favio Hernán Chávez Morán, Recycled Orchestra director:

We believe that people shouldn’t strive for material things. They should strive for knowledge. As Maestro Szarán says, we need to make intelligence hip instead of clothes and cell phones.

Luis Szarán, Sonidos de la Tierra director:

Despite living under dire circumstances, if a person has initiative and is creative, even trash can become an educational tool that could change someone’s life and the lives of others.

Landfill Harmonic is a fantastic project.

Giant thread screen is recreating Instagram photos


F21 Thread Screen

Clothing retailer Forever 21 hired product and prototyping company Breakfast to build them a giant screen made out of spools of thread to “print” people’s Instagram photos. The screen, which Breakfast bills as “one of the most complex machines ever built for a brand”, weighs 2000 pounds, measures 11 ft high, 9 ft wide, and 3 ft deep, and has a resolution of 80×80 spool pixels. Here’s how they made it:

If you want to give it a try, just tag an Instagram photo with #F21ThreadScreen and it’ll print it out for you (watch the live stream). Prior art alert: the first time I remember seeing something like this was Daniel Rozin’s Wooden Mirror (1999) at ITP (video here).

I cannot begin to fathom how they justify the expense, but I love it.