My first job as a designer was at a small publishing
company for comic books. This is the conversation between me and my client, the
creative director. 

Client: I don’t understand why the colour of
the logo is so dull in the final check file. 

Me: All the colours have been switched to
CMYK. I constantly ask you to work in CMYK. You need to design that logo in
print-friendly colours. I
can’t work with RGB
if we’re sending this to the printers. Otherwise we
need to request a pantone colour. 

Client:  I don’t understand what your
issue is. If the colour is on the computer, it will print. 

Me: No, it will not print correctly. The RGB
colour is neon green. It will not print correctly. I need to find a pantone
book if you want that colour. 

Client: Books? All the colours are on the computer,
just load it up there. 

Needless to say, I eventually resigned after I got a
warning that I’m not using the opportunity to learn from them.