Due to a system issue, I had to manually create a
text file from a very long list of data to import into a program. A client had
an excel file of the data which would make my job significantly faster and

Me: Can
you please send
me the excel file
for this? 

Client: I did.

Me: No,
that was a PDF.

Client: No, that was the excel version. I scanned it
and sent it to you. Did you not get it?

Me: Yes,
I got that file. But when you print and scan, it is no longer an excel file.

Client: I am looking at it right now. It is the excel

Me: Yes,
that is a printed and scanned version of what is in the excel file, but that is
not excel. That is a pdf. Printing makes it a piece of paper. Scanning turns it
into a PDF. I need the original file that has .xls at the end and a green icon.
This has .pdf at the end and a red icon. That is how you know it is different.

Client: Wait, when I print it, it changes? I did not
know that.