Monotype Hidden Gem: Alisal

Alisal is an Oldstyle wedge serif typeface designed by legendary type designer Matthew Carter. It is a three font family of two weights (regular and bold) and a companion italic

Published in 1995 by Agfa Monotype, Alisal was originally conceived 26 years earlier in 1979 when Matthew was a designer at Linotype. It began as a pet project. Carter had an interest in early Roman type and observed how quickly type changed from looking like scribes’ handwritten lettering to looking like printers’ lettering (calligraphic to inscriptional). With Alisal, he attempted to design something in an underpopulated typeface category: Roman, but also decidedly calligraphic and hand-hewn. What emerged is a typeface that typographers can lose themselves in the intricate details of: from its unusual wedge serifs to the deliberate inconsistencies that give it a warm, human feel.

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Endangered American slang needs your help.

Endangered American slang needs your help.