Hexagonal Woodtype

Looking to innovate
with letterpress techniques, New North Press worked with Greenspace to produce a set of patterned hexagonal
blocks that can be tessellated to create letterforms, patterns and boarders. The
modular blocks were laser-cut from maple by Thomas Mayo.

Commissioned by
architects partnering on a new residential site in Hoxton, London, the printed
results are huge structural letters that reflect the development.

Photography © Simon Ellis

Type is beautiful.


Client: Can I see what
the site looks like yet?

Me: You haven’t
said what you wanted, or given me any content yet.

Client: So no?

Me: Correct.

Yup. That’s pretty much how it goes.

Oh look, each pantone color has its own hashtag, how trendy is that!

A client who doesn’t understand hex codes.    
(via clientsfromhell)